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Hydrolysis of vicine and convicine from fababeans by microbial beta-glucosidase enzymes.

The toxic glycosides vicine and convicine which are present in fababeans have been implicated in favism, an anaemic disease of humans. Vicine and convicine concentrations are reduced by growth of Lactobacillus plantarum on fababean suspensions. The glycosides are eliminated from the fababean substrate by the growth of the filamentous fungus Fusarium graminearum. Incubation of fababean suspension with concentrated culture filtrate of Aspergillus oryzae, induced for extracellular beta-glucosidase production, results in complete degradation of the glycosides. This study suggests a potential use of micro-organisms or microbial enzymes for detoxification of fababeans.[1]


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