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Glucagon-like peptide-2: update of the recent clinical trials.

Although long-term parenteral nutrition is lifesaving in patients with intestinal failure, it is expensive and associated with serious complications such as catheter sepsis, venous occlusions, and liver failure and severely impairs the quality of life in the short bowel patients. Therefore, treatments that increase the absolute intestinal absorption, thereby eliminating or minimizing the need for parenteral support, are needed. In this respect, glucagon-like peptide 2 (GLP-2) has received attention. In this review, the nature of the short bowel syndrome is described, and the antisecretory, transit-modulating, but also intestinotrophic effects of GLP-2 are presented. As illustrated in 2 pilot studies, one using native GLP-2 and the other a degradation-resistant analogue, teduglutide, these new agents may prove important in optimizing remnant intestinal function, thereby eliminating the need for parenteral support and improving quality of life in short bowel patients with intestinal failure.[1]


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