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Liver Failure

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Disease relevance of Liver Failure


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Chemical compound and disease context of Liver Failure

  • Renal glutamine uptake and subsequent urinary ammonia excretion could be an important alternative pathway of ammonia disposal from the body during liver failure (diminished urea synthesis), but this pathway has received little attention [14].
  • Uptake of oleate from albumin solutions by rat liver. Failure to detect catalysis of the dissociation of oleate from albumin by an albumin receptor [15].
  • Six months later, she experienced a rapidly progressive hepatic failure manifested by elevation of serum bilirubin level, prolongation of prothrombin time, and mild to modest increase of serum aminotransferase levels [16].
  • To study in detail the role of the liver in GABA metabolism, uptake and catabolism of GABA by isolated perfused liver from normal rats and rats with galactosamine- or carbon tetrachloride-induced liver failure were measured [17].
  • Our experience shows that fibrosing cholestatic hepatitis and liver failure caused by HBV infection can be successfully treated with lamivudine [18].

Biological context of Liver Failure


Anatomical context of Liver Failure


Gene context of Liver Failure

  • The apoptotic-inducing capacity of naturally processed sFasL was reduced by >1,000-fold compared with membrane-bound FasL, and injection of high doses of recombinant sFasL in mice did not induce liver failure [28].
  • The aim of this study was to investigate whether endogenously formed TNF contributes to liver failure caused by hepatotoxins [29].
  • Mutations of the SCO1 gene in mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase deficiency with neonatal-onset hepatic failure and encephalopathy [30].
  • Transferrin saturation above 75% was related to iron overload in GH and to liver failure in alcoholic cirrhosis [31].
  • Wilson disease is an autosomal recessive copper transport disorder resulting from defective biliary excretion of copper and subsequent hepatic copper accumulation and liver failure if not treated [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Liver Failure


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