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Tpk3 and Snf1 protein kinases regulate Rgt1 association with Saccharomyces cerevisiae HXK2 promoter.

Hexokinase 2 is an essential factor for signalling repression through the Saccharomyces cerevisiae high-glucose sensing pathway. The main regulatory mechanism that controls the HXK2 gene expression in yeast is mediated by the Rgt1 and Med8 transcription factors, which repress HXK2 expression in low-glucose containing media. In this study, we show that the repression activity of Rgt1 is regulated by Snf1 and Tpk3 protein kinases. Binding of Rgt1 to the HXK2 promoter requires Rgt1 phosphorylation by Snf1 or by an Snf1-dependent protein kinase. Conversely, Rgt1 hyperphosphorylation by the Tpk3 or by a Tpk3-dependent protein kinase dissociates Rgt1 from the repressor complex. Two-hybrid and chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments indicate that an Snf1-dependent interaction between Rgt1 and Med8 in the repressor complex is also essential for Rgt1 repression. The repression of HXK2 transcription by Rgt1 likely occurs through the formation of a DNA loop in the HXK2 locus, spanning the promoter and coding regions. These results suggest that a novel silent-chromatin loop is responsible for Rgt1-dependent transcriptional regulation of the HXK2 gene.[1]


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