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Chemotherapy with hybrid liposomes for lymphoma without drugs in vivo.

Hybrid liposomes composed of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine (DMPC) and polyoxyethylene (n) dodecyl ether (C(12)(EO)(n), n=21 and 25) were prepared with the method of sonication. Clear solution of hybrid liposomes having hydrodynamic diameter of 80-100 nm could be maintained over 3 weeks. Hybrid liposomes induced apoptosis for human lymphoma (MOLT-4 and RAJI) cells in vitro. No toxicity was observed in the rats after intravenously injecting hybrid liposomes in vivo. We clearly demonstrated that a mouse model of lymphoma was established and prolonged survival was obtained in mice models of lymphoma after the treatment with hybrid liposomes without drugs in vivo. The results in this study should support the prolonged survival for patients with lymphoma in clinical applications.[1]


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