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Chemical Compound Review

Dilauryl ether     1-dodecoxydodecane

Synonyms: Dodecyl ether, NSC-6816, Lauryl ether, ACMC-209k2d, ANW-30275, ...
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Disease relevance of NSC 6816


High impact information on NSC 6816

  • The preparation solubilized with octaethylene glycol dodecyl ether (C12E8) was purified by successive chromatographies on DEAE-Toyopearl and lentil lectin-Sepharose 4B columns [2].
  • Of the 49 detergents tested for solubilization, optimal crystallization of Ca2+-ATPase was obtained in sarcoplasmic reticulum solubilized with octaethylene glycol dodecyl ether at a detergent/protein weight ratio of 2, and with Brij 36T, Brij 56, and Brij 96 at a detergent/protein ratio of 4 [3].
  • When the cholate-deoxycholate and LiCl-treated membranes of PS3 were solubilized and subjected to ion-exchange chromatography in the presence of octaethyleneglycol dodecyl ether, most of the A-, B-, and C-type cytochromes were copurified as a peak having both quinol-cytochrome c reductase and cytochrome oxidase activities [4].
  • Solubilization of synaptic vesicles in octaethyleneglycol dodecyl ether detergent results in several-fold stimulation of the P-type activity and inactivation of the V-type activity, thus explaining why the V-type activity was not detected previously during purification of the P-type ATPase [5].
  • Fluorescence microscopy showed that, in contrast to the hexyl and dodecyl ether derivatives of HPPH (which localize in mitochondria and lysosomes, respectively), the diketo-analogs and their In(III) complexes localized in Golgi bodies [6].

Biological context of NSC 6816


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NSC 6816


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