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Regulation of Aurora-A kinase gene expression via GABP recruitment of TRAP220/ MED1.

The TRAP/Mediator coactivator complex serves as a functional interface between DNA-bound transactivators and the RNA polymerase II-associated basal transcription apparatus. TRAP220/ MED1 is a variably associated subunit of the complex that plays a specialized role in selectively targeting TRAP/Mediator to specific genes. Ablation of the Trap220/ Med1 gene in mice impairs embryonic cell growth, yet the underlying mechanism is unknown. In this report, we identified distinct cell growth regulatory genes whose expression is affected by the loss of TRAP220/ MED1 by RNA interference. Among the down-regulated genes revealed by cDNA microarray analyses, we identified Aurora-A, a centrosome kinase that plays a critical role in regulating M phase events and is frequently amplified in several types of cancer. In general, we found that TRAP220/ MED1 expression is required for high basal levels of Aurora-A gene expression and that ectopic overexpression of TRAP220/ MED1 coactivates transcription from the Aurora-A gene promoter. Furthermore, chromatin immunoprecipitation assays show that TRAP220/ MED1-containing TRAP/Mediator complexes directly bind to the Aurora-A promoter in vivo. Finally, we present evidence suggesting that TRAP/Mediator is recruited to the Aurora-A gene via direct interactions between TRAP220/ MED1 and the Ets-related transcription factor GABP. Taken together, these findings suggest that TRAP220/ MED1 plays a novel coregulatory role in facilitating the recruitment of TRAP/Mediator to specific target genes involved in growth and cell cycle progression.[1]


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