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Chemical Compound Review

Mediator     2-[1-[3-(trifluoromethyl) phenyl]propan-2...

Synonyms: Benflurex, Minolip, benfluorex, Benfluorexum, Benfluramate, ...
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Disease relevance of Benfluramate

  • Benfluorex normalizes hyperglycemia and reverses hepatic insulin resistance in STZ-induced diabetic rats [1].
  • Benfluorex in obese noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus patients poorly controlled by insulin: a double blind study versus placebo [2].
  • In conclusion, benfluorex potentiates the effects of hypocaloric diet on weight loss and on glycemic control in obese NIDDM patients treated with insulin, and this effect seems to be the result of an improved insulin sensitivity [2].
  • Adjunct treatments comprise a few pharmacological approaches which may help to improve glycaemic control by correcting some abnormalities frequently associated with NIDDM, such as obesity (serotoninergic anorectic agents) and hyperlipidaemia (benfluorex) [3].
  • Treatment once a day for 14 days with 25 mg benfluorex per kg body weight lowered body weight, decreased circulating insulin and resulted in an increase in hepatic glycogen [4].

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