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Clinical outcome of implants placed immediately after implant removal.

BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical success of implants placed immediately after the explantation of failed implants due to fracture at 12 months. METHODS: Nine immediate implants were placed in nine patients following explantation of nine fractured implants. Five experimental implants did not require any regenerative procedures; the remaining four immediate implants were grafted with deproteinized porcine bone particles and covered with bioabsorbable membranes. All implants were restored with fixed prostheses. The follow-up period was 12 months. RESULTS: No residual bone defects were observed or probed around any implant at the second-stage surgery, and all implants were asymptomatic and stable. All the implants were successful after prosthetic rehabilitation showing no mobility, pain, suppuration, or absence of peri-implant radiolucency. The radiographic measurements showed no significant bone loss pattern at the 12-month follow-up visit. CONCLUSION: The findings of this study suggested that implants placed immediately after implant explantation due to biomechanical fracture could be performed with results that are similar to results obtained with implants placed immediately after tooth extraction.[1]


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