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Tooth Extraction

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  • Dental implant surgery with guided bone regeneration is one situation where an autologous platelet-rich clot clearly accelerates ossification after tooth extraction and/or around titanium implants [7].
  • CONCLUSIONS: More serious maxillary ORN tended to occur in cases with more advanced NPC, higher radiation dose, and history of tooth extraction [8].
  • After full-mouth tooth extraction, there was a significant decrease in C-reactive protein, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and fibrinogen, and white cell and platelet counts [9].
  • TNM stage of NPC (p < 0.001), radiation dose (p = 0.029), and tooth extraction (p < 0.001) appeared to have significant influences on disease severity [8].
  • Three alpha chains of type V collagen--alpha 1 (V), alpha 2 (V), and alpha 3 (V)--were initially demonstrated together with the expected collagen types I and III in the pepsin-soluble fraction of both normal mandibular bone and tooth extraction wound tissues of rabbits, as analyzed by sodium dodecyl sulfate-gel electrophoresis [10].

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  • The patient was subjected to local anesthesia with 1.5 mL (60 mg) articaine in the left submandibular nerve for tooth extraction [32].
  • Sixteen months after tooth extraction, with no improvement in symptomatology, the alveolar canal was enlarged in diameter by means of mandibular osteotomy to accommodate a 2-mm-diameter polyglycolic acid tube [33].
  • From 12 patients assigned to the test group rinsing 2 x daily with 15 ml of 0.12% CHX solution (Peridex) starting 2 days after tooth extraction and from 11 patients assigned to the control group rinsing with a placebo solution, standardized radiographs were available taken immediately after tooth extraction and 1, 2, 3 and 6 months thereafter [34].
  • Correlates with DRS within both race groups appeared to be those that reflect lack of access to dental services or neglect of oral health--decayed coronal surfaces, higher rates of tooth extraction, high CPITN scores and worst loss of attachment greater than or equal to 7 mm, and more than a year since the last dental visit [35].
  • The arrhythmia was associated with insufficient analgesia for tooth extraction, epinephrine in the local anesthetic, decreased blood pressure, and the presence of cardiovascular disease [36].


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