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Maintenance of mammalian enteric nervous system progenitors by SOX10 and endothelin 3 signalling.

The transcriptional regulator SOX10 and the signalling molecule endothelin 3 have important roles in the development of the mammalian enteric nervous system (ENS). Using a clonal cell culture system, we show that SOX10 inhibits overt neuronal and glial differentiation of multilineage ENS progenitor cells (EPCs), without interfering with their neurogenic commitment. We also demonstrate that endothelin 3 inhibits reversibly the commitment and differentiation of EPCs along the neurogenic and gliogenic lineages, suggesting a role for this factor in the maintenance of multilineage ENS progenitors. Consistent with such a role, the proportion of Sox10- expressing progenitors in the total population of enteric neural crest cells is reduced in the gut of endothelin 3-deficient embryos. This reduction may be related to the requirement of endothelin signalling for the proliferation of ENS progenitors. The dependence of ENS progenitors on endothelin 3 is more pronounced at the migratory front of enteric neural crest cells, which is associated with relatively high levels of endothelin 3 mRNA. Our findings indicate that SOX10 and endothelin 3 have a crucial role in the maintenance of multilineage enteric nervous system progenitors.[1]


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