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Enteric Nervous System

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Gene context of Enteric Nervous System

  • These results, and recent studies implicating GDNF and ET-3 in the patterning of the enteric nervous system, suggest that specific pairing of endothelins and neurotrophic factors may be used in distinct target organs to coordinate neuronal migration, differentiation, and survival [27].
  • Homozygous nonsense mutations in KIAA1279 are associated with malformations of the central and enteric nervous systems [1].
  • To clarify the role of Ret signaling components in enteric nervous system (ENS) development, we evaluated ENS anatomy and intestinal contractility in mice heterozygous for Ret, GFRalpha1 and Ret ligands [28].
  • However, the effects on the development of the enteric nervous system (ENS) promoted by a heterozygous mutation of the EDNRB gene are not known [29].
  • The defects in enteric nervous system development of mice with Sox10 and Sox8 mutations are therefore likely caused by a reduction of the pool of undifferentiated vagal neural crest cells [30].

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