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Salicylic acid-mediated cell death in the Arabidopsis len3 mutant.

The Arabidopsis lesion initiation 3 (len3) mutant develops lesions on leaves without pathogen attack. len3 plants exhibit stunted growth, constitutively express pathogenesis-related (PR) genes, PR-1, PR-2, and PR-5, and accumulate elevated levels of salicylic acid (SA). Furthermore, len3 is a semidominant, male gametophytic lethal mutation with partial defects in female gametophytic development. To determine the signaling pathway activated in len3 plants, we crossed the len3 plants with nahG, npr1-1, and pad4-1 plants and analyzed the phenotypes of the double mutants. The len3-conferred phenotypes, including cell death and PR-1 expressions, were suppressed in the double mutants. Thus SA, NPR1, and PAD4 are required for the phenotypes. However, none of these double mutants could completely suppress the len3-conferred stunted growth. This result suggests that an SA-, NPR1-, and PAD4-independent pathway is also involved in the phenotype. Treatment with BTH (benzo(1,2,3)thiadiazole-7-carbothioic acid), an SA analog, induced cell death in len3 nahG plants but not in len3 npr1 or len3 pad4 plants, suggesting the involvement of the PAD4-dependent but SA-independent second signal pathway in cell death in len3 plants.[1]


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