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Regulation of ectodermal Wnt6 expression by the neural tube is transduced by dermomyotomal Wnt11: a mechanism of dermomyotomal lip sustainment.

Ectodermal Wnt6 plays an important role during development of the somites and the lateral plate mesoderm. In the course of development, Wnt6 expression shows a dynamic pattern. At the level of the segmental plate and the epithelial somites, Wnt6 is expressed in the entire ectoderm overlying the neural tube, the paraxial mesoderm and the lateral plate mesoderm. With somite maturation, expression becomes restricted to the lateral ectoderm covering the ventrolateral lip of the dermomyotome and the lateral plate mesoderm. To study the regulation of Wnt6 expression, we have interfered with neighboring signaling pathways. We show that Wnt1 and Wnt3a signaling from the neural tube inhibit Wnt6 expression in the medial surface ectoderm via dermomyotomal Wnt11. We demonstrate that Wnt11 is an epithelialization factor acting on the medial dermomyotome, and present a model suggesting Wnt11 and Wnt6 as factors maintaining the epithelial nature of the dorsomedial and ventrolateral lips of the dermomyotome, respectively, during dermomyotomal growth.[1]


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