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UNC-51-like kinase regulation of fibroblast growth factor receptor substrate 2/3.

UNC-51-like kinases (ULK) are members of an evolutionarily conserved sub-family of ubiquitously expressed serine/threonine-specific protein kinases. Here we report that fibroblast growth factor receptor substrate (FRS) 2/3 are novel ULK2 carboxy-terminal domain interacting proteins. FRS2/3 are homologs that function as adaptor proteins to mediate signaling of multiple receptor tyrosine kinases. ULK2 interacts with the phospho-tyrosine binding ( PTB) domain of FRS2/3. We demonstrate that siRNA targeting ULK2 in mouse P19 cells results in elevated FGFR1 mediated FRS3 and SHP2 tyrosyl phosphorylation. In addition, RNAi-mediated decrease in ULK2 causes increased interaction between FGFR1 and FRS3. ULK2 phosphorylates FRS2/3 in vitro, suggesting that ULK2 mediated phosphorylation may be a mechanism of FRS2/3 regulation. The data presented support a model in which ULK2, by interaction with FRS2/3 and inhibition of SynGAP, functions to negatively regulate tyrosyl phosphorylation of signaling proteins downstream of FGFR1.[1]


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