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Nur77 gene knockout alters dopamine neuron biochemical activity and dopamine turnover.

BACKGROUND: Transcription factors of the Nur family (Nurr1, Nur77, and Nor-1) are orphan nuclear receptors closely associated with dopamine neurotransmission in the central nervous system. Nur77 expression is strongly modulated by antipsychotic and ant-parkinsonian drugs in dopaminoceptive brain areas. However, the role of Nur77 in dopamine neuron activity and turnover remains elusive. METHODS: We compared various behavioral and biochemical parameters between Nur77 knockout -/- and wild-type +/+ mice in basal and haloperidol-challenged conditions. RESULTS: We report here that Nur77-deficient mice display enhanced spontaneous locomotor activity, greater sensitivity to a small dose of the dopamine D(2) receptor agonist quinpirole acting mainly at autoreceptor sites, and higher levels of the dopamine metabolite DOPAC relative to wild-type mice. Dopamine turnover disturbances are also found after acute challenge with haloperidol, a dopamine D(2) receptor antagonist. These alterations are associated with increased tyrosine hydroxylase expression and activity, and reduced catechol-O-methyltransferase expression. CONCLUSION: Taken together, these results are consistent with the involvement of Nur77 in dopamine neuron biochemical activity and dopamine turnover.[1]


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