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Metabolic changes in Arabidopsis thaliana expressing the feedback-resistant anthranilate synthase alpha subunit gene OASA1D.

Anthranilate synthase (AS) is a key enzyme in tryptophan (Trp) biosynthesis. Metabolic changes in transgenic Arabidopsis plants expressing the feedback-resistant anthranilate synthase alpha subunit gene OASA1D were investigated with respect to Trp synthesis and effects on secondary metabolism. The Trp content varied depending on the transgenic line, with some lines showing an approximately 200-fold increase. The levels of AS activity in crude extracts from the transgenic lines were comparable to those in the wild type. On the other hand, the enzyme prepared from the lines accumulating high levels of Trp showed a relaxed feedback sensitivity. The AS activity, determined in the presence of 50muM l-Trp, correlated well with the amount of free Trp in the transgenic lines, indicating the important role of feedback inhibition in control of Trp pool size. In Arabidopsis, Trp is a precursor of multiple secondary metabolites, including indole glucosinolates and camalexin. The amount of indol-3-ylmethyl glucosinolate (I3M) in rosette leaves of the high-Trp accumulating lines was 1.5- to 2.1-fold greater than that in wild type. The treatment of the leaves with jasmonic acid resulted in a more pronounced accumulation of I3M in the high-Trp accumulating lines than in wild type. The induction of camalexin formation after the inoculation of Alternaria brassicicola was not affected by the accumulation of a large amount of Trp. The accumulation of constitutive phenylpropanoids and flavonoids was suppressed in high-Trp accumulating lines, while the amounts of Phe and Tyr increased, thereby indicating an interaction between the Trp branch and the Phe and Tyr branch in the shikimate pathway.[1]


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