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Gene Review

ASA1  -  anthranilate synthase component I-1

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on ASA1


Biological context of ASA1


Associations of ASA1 with chemical compounds

  • Together, these findings reveal that ASA1 and ASB1 are key elements in the regulation of auxin production and an unexpected node of interaction between ethylene responses and auxin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis [1].
  • Concurrently, tryptamine levels increase up to 9-fold in the induced trp5:ASB1 line (specific yield ca. 1.9 mg g(-1) dry weight) as compared with only a 4-fold tryptamine increase in the induced trp5 line (specific yield ca. 0.3 mg g(-1) dry weight) [7].
  • Metabolic changes in transgenic Arabidopsis plants expressing the feedback-resistant anthranilate synthase alpha subunit gene OASA1D were investigated with respect to Trp synthesis and effects on secondary metabolism [8].
  • In an attempt to more successfully engineer the indole pathway, a wild type Arabidopsis ASbeta subunit (ASB1) cDNA was constitutively expressed along with the inducible expression of trp5 and TDC in C. roseus hairy roots [7].

Regulatory relationships of ASA1


Other interactions of ASA1


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