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PDV1 and PDV2 Mediate Recruitment of the Dynamin-Related Protein ARC5 to the Plastid Division Site.

During plastid division, the dynamin-related protein ACCUMULATION AND REPLICATION OF CHLOROPLASTS5 (ARC5) is recruited from the cytosol to the surface of the outer chloroplast envelope membrane. In Arabidopsis thaliana arc5 mutants, chloroplasts arrest during division site constriction. Analysis of mutants similar to arc5 along with map-based cloning identified PLASTID DIVISION1 (PDV1), an integral outer envelope membrane protein, and its homolog PDV2 as components of the plastid division machinery. Similar to ARC5, PDV1 localized to a discontinuous ring at the division site in wild-type plants. The midplastid PDV1 ring formed in arc5 mutants and the ARC5 ring formed in pdv1 and pdv2 mutants, but not in pdv1 pdv2. Stromal FtsZ ring assembly occurred in pdv1, pdv2, and pdv1 pdv2, as it does in arc5. Topological analysis showed that the large N-terminal region of PDV1 upstream of the transmembrane helix bearing a putative coiled-coil domain is exposed to the cytosol. Mutation of the conserved PDV1 C-terminal Gly residue did not block PDV1 insertion into the outer envelope membrane but did abolish its localization to the division site. Our results indicate that plastid division involves the stepwise localization of FtsZ, PDV1, and ARC5 at the division site and that PDV1 and PDV2 together mediate the recruitment of ARC5 to the midplastid constriction at a late stage of division.[1]


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