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Gene Review

DNM1L  -  dynamin 1-like

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DLP1, DRP1, DVLP, DYMPLE, Dnm1p/Vps1p-like protein, ...
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Disease relevance of DNM1L


High impact information on DNM1L


Biological context of DNM1L


Anatomical context of DNM1L


Associations of DNM1L with chemical compounds

  • When the full-length cDNA of HdynIV was sequenced, it showed that HdynIV's carboxyl terminal lacks a proline-rich domain that can bind to Gsk-3 beta [16].
  • Nitric oxide-induced mitochondrial fission is regulated by dynamin-related GTPases in neurons [17].
  • Consequently, in Drp-1-expressing cells the apoptotic efficacy of ceramide, which causes a Ca2+-dependent perturbation of mitochondrial structure and function, was drastically reduced [18].
  • DRP-1/Ku DNA binding was assessed in mobility shift assays and competition binding assays using cisplatin-damaged DNA [19].
  • This could be a dynamin-like GTP-ase, since GTP gamma S-stimulated tubule formation has only been reported previously in cases where a dynamin is involved [20].
  • We have identified cAMP-dependent protein kinase-dependent phosphorylation of Drp1 within the GED domain at Ser(637) that inhibits Drp1 GTPase activity [21].
  • Drp1 phosphorylation at Ser 656 provides a mechanism for the integration of cAMP and calcium signals in the control of mitochondrial shape, apoptosis and other aspects of mitochondrial function [22].

Physical interactions of DNM1L


Other interactions of DNM1L

  • The yeast protein Fis1p has been shown to participate in mitochondrial fission mediated by the dynamin-related protein Dnm1p [24].
  • We have screened about 16,000 small molecules and have identified 1, named here dynasore, that interferes in vitro with the GTPase activity of dynamin1, dynamin2, and Drp1, the mitochondrial dynamin, but not of other small GTPases [25].
  • Co-transfection of DLP1 siRNA with Pex11pbeta, a peroxisomal membrane protein involved in peroxisome proliferation, induced further elongation and network formation of the peroxisomal compartment [26].
  • Together, these findings indicate that yeast and mammalian cells have a conserved programmed death pathway regulated by a common molecular component, Drp1/Dnm1, that is inhibited by a Bcl-2-like function [27].
  • Misregulated interaction between DLP1 and hFis1 by alpha1 deletion induced mitochondrial swelling, in part by the mitochondrial permeability transition, but significantly delayed cell death [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DNM1L


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