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Is banding of the pulmonary trunk obsolete for infants with tricuspid atresia and double inlet ventricle with a discordant ventriculoarterial connection? Role of aortic arch obstruction and subaortic stenosis.

Banding the pulmonary trunk may exacerbate or promote the development of subaortic stenosis in patients with double inlet ventricle or tricuspid atresia with a dominant left ventricle and discordant ventriculoarterial connection and, therefore, may be an inappropriate palliative procedure for such patients. To examine this possibility, 102 consecutive infants were studied who presented with this anatomy between 1972 and 1987. Obstruction of the aortic arch was present in 52 patients. In 28 patients (17 with aortic arch obstruction), subaortic stenosis was already apparent at presentation. Of the remaining 74 patients, 19 received no palliative surgery and 55 underwent banding of the pulmonary trunk either with (n = 22) or without (n = 33) aortic arch repair. Outcome was significantly worse in patients with associated aortic arch obstruction. All such patients either died or developed subaortic stenosis by 3 years of age (survival free of subaortic stenosis 0 of 22 versus 22 of 33 for patients with isolated banding of the pulmonary trunk, p less than 0.001). After isolated banding, there was a lower ratio of the ventricular septal defect to ascending aorta diameters at presentation in the patients who developed subaortic stenosis than in the patients who did not (0.60 +/- 0.08 versus 1.03 +/- 0.15, p less than 0.001). Of the latter, 18 (95%) of 19 patients fulfilled criteria for a Fontan procedure at recatheterization. Thus, the presence of aortic arch obstruction is associated with rapid development of subaortic stenosis after banding of the pulmonary trunk. Alternative initial surgery, even though high risk, may be indicated. In the absence of such obstruction, banding the pulmonary trunk can be performed at reasonable risk and, provided that the ventricular septal defect is of adequate size, satisfactorily prepares most patients for a later Fontan procedure.[1]


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