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DIPA, which can localize to the centrosome, associates with p78/MCRS1/MSP58 and acts as a repressor of gene transcription.

DIPA (delta-interacting protein A) was initially identified as a protein that associates with the hepatitis delta antigen. In this study, we found that DIPA can associate with p78/MCRS/MSP58, a Forkhead-associated domain containing protein implicated in malignant transformation as well as in regulation of gene transcription and translation. We analyzed the interaction between DIPA and p78 by co-immunoprecipitation and identified the structural regions involved in the interaction. Consistent with the physical interaction, we found that DIPA is predominant co-localized with p78 to the nucleus. In addition, a fraction of DIPA can be detected on the centrosome. Furthermore, we demonstrate that DIPA can act as a repressor of gene transcription, an activity that appears to be enhanced by p78. Taken together, our results revealed a novel protein complex that plays a role in regulation of gene expression and cell proliferation. We propose that dysfunction of DIPA may contribute to malignant transformation by affecting the functions of p78.[1]


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