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Embolization of experimental wide-necked aneurysms with iodine-containing polyvinyl alcohol solubilized in a low-angiotoxicity solvent.

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: To evaluate the ready-to-use iodine-containing polyvinyl alcohol (I-PVA) dissolved in the low angiotoxic solvent N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP) for embolization of porcine wide-necked aneurysms. METHODS: Fourteen broad-based carotid sidewall aneurysms were surgically constructed in 7 swine. I-PVA (40%) in NMP was injected under temporary balloon occlusion bridging the aneurysm neck. After 4 weeks, follow-up angiography, multisection CT angiography (MSCTA), and 3T MR imaging including MR angiography (MRA) sequences were performed. Afterward, harvested aneurysms were investigated histopathologically. RESULTS: The liquid embolic was well visible under fluoroscopy and displayed a favorable precipitation pattern, allowing for controlled polymer delivery. Ten aneurysms (71%) were initially completely occluded, whereas in 1 aneurysm, a minimal polymer leakage was observed. The other 4 aneurysms (29%) were almost completely occluded. One animal suffered a lethal rebleeding from the anastomosis after uneventful embolization. Aneurysms embolized with I-PVA could be discriminated well from the parent artery without beam-hardening artifacts on MSCTA, and no susceptibility artifacts were encountered on MR imaging. Histologic examination revealed all aneurysms covered with a membrane of fibroblasts and an endothelial cell layer while a moderate intraaneurysmal inflammatory response to the polymer was observed. CONCLUSION: I-PVA dissolved in NMP has proved its effectiveness for the embolization of experimental wide-necked aneurysms. This precipitating liquid embolic offers several interesting features in that it needs no preparation before use and no radiopaque admixtures, the latter allowing for artifact-free evaluation of treated aneurysms with MSCTA and MRA. Moreover, it uses NMP as a solvent, which has only a low angiotoxicity.[1]


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