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Balloon Occlusion

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Anatomical context of Balloon Occlusion

  • End-systolic meridional wall stress (ESWS) and rate-corrected velocity of circumferential fiber shortening (VcFc) were measured in these piglets at baseline, after balloon occlusion of the descending aorta, and at nitroprusside infusion rates of 1, 2 and 5 microg/kg/min [16].
  • Coronary sinus blood was sampled before and during balloon occlusion of a major coronary artery: PAF was not detected in coronary sinus, whereas percent lactate extraction decreased from 24 +/- 6% to -63 +/- 22% (n = 4) [17].
  • Selective renal artery embolization with absolute ethanol was performed without balloon occlusion in a series of 11 healthy mongrel dogs [18].
  • Comparison of technetium Tc 99m hexamethylpropyleneamine oxime single-photon emission tomograph with stump pressure during the balloon occlusion test of the internal carotid artery [19].
  • Seventy-five patients, each of whom had > 1 mm ST-segment elevation on an intracoronary electrocardiogram from the myocardium distal to the stenosis during balloon occlusion, were studied for the occurrence of > or = 1 mm ST-segment elevation or depression on the simultaneously recorded Holter leads II, III, aVF, CM5, CR4, and inverse Nehb J [20].

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Gene context of Balloon Occlusion


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Balloon Occlusion


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