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Medium term outcome for infant repair in tetralogy of Fallot: Indicators for timing of surgery.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the impact of early corrective surgery on the short and medium term outcome in tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). MATERIALS AND METHODS: All patients under 12 months of age undergoing correction of isolated TOF between February 1997 and July 2003 were reviewed retrospectively. Outcome data for mortality, post-operative care management, major morbidity and clinical follow-up were analysed. RESULTS: Fifty-two operations were performed. The mean age at surgery was 5 months (range 1-12) of whom 16 (30.8%) were less than 3 months old, including 2 neonates, 22 (42.3%) were 3-6 months old and 14 (26.9%) were 7-12 months old. There was 1 (1.9%) early death caused by a cerebro-vascular accident and 1 (1.9%) late death secondary to acute infective endocarditis. There were no differences in post-operative morbidities attributable to age. Patients under 3 months old required greater duration of post-operative ventilation, ITU stay and in-hospital stay. At a mean follow-up of 4.0 years (range 1.5-8.0), 33 (63.5%) patients had well-tolerated pulmonary regurgitation (PR) and 3 (5.8%) patients required re-operation for right ventricular outflow tract obstruction (RVOTO). All patients had right bundle-branch-block but with QRS < 150 ms. CONCLUSION: Early definitive repair of TOF can be performed safely on patients under 6 months old. Age at surgery does not appear to affect the medium term haemodynamic outcome. However, early surgery does escalate the need for ICU care. This data suggests repair in asymptomatic patients be delayed until 3-6 months of age.[1]


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