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Polyclonal antibodies against RNase L. Subcellular localization of this enzyme in mouse cells.

RNase L activated by 2-5A (a series of 2'-5'-linked adenylic oligoribonucleotides) is a key enzyme of the interferon system. To study RNase L (endonuclease L) in intact cells independently of intracellular 2-5A and of its activity, we have developed polyclonal antibodies against RNase L. RNase L from mouse spleen was purified on a column of 2-5A-Sepharose and used to immunize rabbits in co-injection with polyadenylic-polyuridylic acid as adjuvant. Antibodies were purified by chromatography on Affi-Gel blue and 2-5A-Sepharose-immobilized RNase L. These polyclonal antibodies immunoprecipitate the 80- and 40-kDa forms of RNase L in mouse spleen. In Western blot, only the 80-kDa form of RNase L is recognized by these antibodies. These purified antibodies were used to localize RNase L in the cytoplasm of intact mouse NIH 3T3 cells by immunofluorescence. The cytoplasmic localization of RNase L was confirmed by its 2-5A binding activity after cellular fractionation.[1]


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