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Analysis of the genomic structure of the porcine CD1 gene cluster.

CD1 is an MHC class I-like protein that presents lipid antigens to T cell receptors. We determined 470,187 bp of the genomic sequence encompassing the region encoding porcine CD1 genes. We identified 16 genes in this region and newly identified CD1A2, CD1B, CD1C, CD1D, and CD1E. Porcine CD1 genes were located in clusters between KIRREL and olfactory receptor (OR) genes, as observed in humans, although they were divided into two regions by a region encoding OR genes. Comparison of the genomic sequences of CD1 gene loci in pigs with other mammals showed that separation of the CD1 gene cluster by ORs was observed only in pigs. CD1A duplication in the porcine genome was estimated to have occurred after the divergence of the human and porcine. This analysis of the genomic sequence of the porcine CD1 family will contribute to our understanding of the evolution of mammalian CD1 genes.[1]


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