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Immunocytochemistry of epithelial markers in citral-induced prostate hyperplasia in rats.

Immunocytochemical characterization of several epithelial markers using the PAP technique was analyzed during different stages of induced prostatic hyperplasia in rats. Intact adolescent rats (42 days old) were treated with citral (3,7 dimethyl-2,6 octadienal) for 10, 30 and 100 days and their ventral prostate compared to untreated, matched-age animals. Among the epithelial markers studied the prostatic specific acid phosphatase was present in hyperplastic prostates of rats. The immunoreaction showed a fair correlation with the severity of lesion and duration of treatment. The prostatic specific antigen showed equally immunoreactive in both control and treated rats. The hyperplastic and normal rat prostates did not show immunoreactivity towards the other epithelial cell markers such as epithelial membrane antigen, carcinoembrionic antingen and alpha-fetoprotein antisera. It is concluded that prostatic specific acid phosphatase, and to a lesser extent prostatic specific antigen, might represent valuable markers for comparative studies of prostatic hyperplasia in rodents.[1]


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