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Urmylation controls Nil1p and Gln3p-dependent expression of nitrogen-catabolite repressed genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Urm1 is a modifier protein that is conjugated to substrate proteins through thioester formation with the E1-like enzyme, Uba4. Here is shown that the lack of urmylation causes derepression of the GAP1 gene (encoding a nitrogen-regulated broad-spectrum amino acid-scavenging permease) in the presence of rich nitrogen sources, and simultaneous inhibition of the expression of CIT2, a TCA-cycle gene involved in the production of glutamate and glutamine. This effect is dependent on the TORC1- and nutrient-regulated transcriptional factors, Nil1p and Gln3p. Evidence is provided that, in the absence of urmylation, nuclear/cytosolic shuffling of both transcriptional factors is altered, ultimately leading to inability to repress GAP1 gene in the presence of a rich nitrogen source. Altogether, the data presented here indicate an important role of the urmylation pathway in regulating the expression of genes involved in sensing and controlling amino acids levels.[1]


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