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Glycomic mapping of pseudomucinous human ovarian cyst glycoproteins: identification of Lewis and sialyl Lewis glycotopes.

Expression of sialyl Lewis x (sLe(x)) and sialyl Lewis a (sLe(a)) on cell-surface glycoproteins endows cells with the ability to adhere to E-, P-, and L-selectins present on endothelia, platelets, or leukocytes. Special arrangements of these glycotopes in cancers are thought to play a key role in metastasis. Previous studies have mostly described membrane-bound sLe(x) and sLe(a) activities. In this report, the major O-glycans of the secreted human ovarian cyst sialoglycoproteins from a Le(a+) nonsecretor individual (human ovarian cyst sample 350) were characterized by MS/MS analyses and immuno-/lectin-chemical assays. The results showed that HOC 350 carries a large number of epitopes for sLe(x), sLe(a), and Le(a) reactive antibodies. Advanced MS/MS sequencing coupled with mild periodate oxidation and exoglycosidase digestions further revealed that the O-glycans from HOC 350 are mostly of core 1 and 2 structures, extended and branched on the 3-arm with both type I and type II chains, complete with variable degrees of terminal sialylation and/or fucosylation to yield the sLe(x) or sLe(a) epitopes. Thus, the underlying core and peripheral backbone structures are similar to that of a previously proposed composite structural model for nonsialylated human ovarian cysts O-glycans, but with some notable distinguishing structural features in addition to sialylation.[1]


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