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Investigation of cis/trans proline isomerism in a multiply occurring peptide fragment from human salivary proline-rich glycoprotein.

The solution-state conformations of eight proline-containing peptide fragments found in human salivary proline-rich glycoprotein (PRG) were investigated in 2 x distilled water (treated with metal ion chelating resin) using 13C-nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy. The peptide sequences and acronyms were as follows: PRG9-2 = NH2-G(1)-P(2)-CONH2, PRG9-3 = NH2-G(1)P(2)-P(3)-CONH2, PRG9-4 = NH2-G(1)-P(2)-P(3)-P(4)-CONH2, PRG9-5 = NH2-G(1)-P(2)-P(3)-P(4)-H(5)-CONH2, PRG9-6 = NH2-G(1)-P(2)-P(3)-P(4)-H(5)-P(6)-CONH2, PRG9-7 = NH2-G(1)-P(2)-P(3)-P(4)-H(5)-P(6)-G(7)-CONH2, PRG9-8 = NH2-G(1)-P(2)-P(3)-P(4)-H(5)-P(6)-G(7)-K(8)-CONH2 and PRG9-9 = NH2-G(1)-P(2)-P(3)-P(4)-H(5)-P(6)-G(7)-K(8)-P(9)-CONH2. Sequence-specific resonance assignments from the 13C-NMR spectra indicated that the trans proline isomer dominated the conformations of the peptides. CD results clearly showed the presence of the poly-L-proline II helix as the major conformation in PRG9-3----PRG9-5, supplemented by beta- and/or gamma-turns in PRG9-6----PRG9-9. These data suggest that in "metal free" water, native PRG could contain several small poly-L-proline II helices along with beta- and/or gamma-turns. Since proline is the major amino acid present in native PRG, these localized conformations may contribute to PRG's global conformation and act as a primary force in determining its biological activities.[1]


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