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Intraoperative cardiovascular collapse secondary to latex allergy.

An apparent allergic reaction has been noted in children undergoing open urological surgery. This condition is characterized by precipitous hypotension, tachycardia and upper body flushing, and it often causes termination of the procedure. Latex allergy has been identified as the possible inciting event. Contact of latex rubber gloves with intra-abdominal structures (handling bowel) appears to be the most dramatic trigger mechanism for this reaction. We report on 10 patients with latex allergy, 6 of whom have myelomeningocele, who have undergone reconstructive surgery. Severe anaphylactic shock developed intraoperatively in 5 patients and during a barium enema performed with a latex catheter in 1 patient. These 6 patients had previous allergic reactions to latex material, which was not detected preoperatively. In the remaining 4 patients latex allergy was diagnosed preoperatively. A total of 6 patients agreed to a skin prick test to liquid latex. Three patients reacted with a wheal size greater than or equal to a histamine control at a dilution of 1:1,000 and 3 patients at 1:100. In contrast, none of the 5 normal controls reacted to any of the concentrations including full strength latex. A history of exposure to latex products (balloons, surgical gloves, catheters, condoms and so forth) with allergic reactions should heighten surgeon awareness of a potentially severe intraoperative reaction. Furthermore, a skin prick test may be used to screen high risk patients such as those with myelomeningocele. A protocol involving preoperative corticosteroid and antihistamine therapy is recommended.[1]


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