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The effect of cold exposure on rat liver mitochondrial respiratory capacity.

1. The effect of cold exposure on the respiratory capacity of rat liver mitochondria has been studied using succinate as the substrate. 2. The mitochondria obtained in this study were well coupled, as shown by the RCR and ADP/O ratios. 3. In addition, durohydroquinone was used to eliminate the regulation of substrate supply. Likewise, we measured uncoupled respiration to evaluate the maximal electron flow through the respiratory chain. 4. We found that oxygen consumption using succinate or durohydroquinone + FCCP as substrates, as well as ATP production were not affected by cold exposure. 5. Our results also show that, when succinate is used, the maximal capacity of the respiratory chain is measured. 6. The data obtained do not support a role of the electron transport chain as a target of cold action.[1]


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