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Molecular cloning of cDNA for rat cathepsin C. Cathepsin C, a cysteine proteinase with an extremely long propeptide.

A cDNA for rat cathepsin C (dipeptidylaminopeptidase I) was isolated. The deduced amino acid sequence of cathepsin C comprises 462 amino acid residues: 28 NH2-terminal residues corresponding to the signal peptide, 201 residues corresponding to the propeptide, and 233 COOH-terminal residues corresponding to the mature enzyme region. Four potential glycosylation sites were found, three located in the propeptide region, and one in the mature enzyme region. The amino acid sequence of mature cathepsin C has 39.5% identity to that of cathepsin H, 35.1% to that of cathepsin L, 30.1% to that of cathepsin B, and 33.3% to that of papain. Cathepsin C, therefore, is a member of the papain family, although its propeptide region is much longer than those of other cysteine proteinases and shows no significant amino acid sequence similarity to any other cysteine proteinase.[1]


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