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Pulmonary function, nutrition, and self-concept in cystic fibrosis summer campers.

Children with cystic fibrosis ( CF) often attend special summer camps. We postulated that beyond the simple fun of camp, attendance at camp might improve the clinical status and self-image of the campers. We therefore studied lung function, nutrition, and self-image in 45 children between the ages 6 and 12 years after a two-week CF summer camp. Although there was a 10 percent fall in respiratory rate during camp, spirometry did not change significantly. There were, however, significant gains in weight, skin fold thickness, and midarm circumference after two weeks at camp, and these increases were positively correlated with the number of pancreatic enzymes taken daily by the child. The Primary Self-Concept Inventory test was completed by each camper on the first and last days of camp. Although there was a trend toward increasing self-concept during camp, this did not reach statistical significance. Two weeks' attendance at summer camp appears to be associated with improved nutrition in children with CF. This may be due to increased emphasis on weight gain and appropriate use of pancreatic enzymes or to other factors, like avoidance of tobacco smoke exposure, that are unique to the summer camp setting.[1]


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