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Almitrine in low dose potentiates vasoconstrictor responses of isolated rat lungs to moderate hypoxia.

To test whether the effect of almitrine on hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction was dose-dependent, two series of experiments were performed on isolated rat lungs perfused with constant flow of blood. In the first series, the effects of different doses of almitrine on perfusion pressure were measured. Baseline perfusion pressure was not changed by solvent or by 0.25 almitrine, but it was increased by 0.5 and 2.0 almitrine. The increase in perfusion pressure in response to 10 min ventilation with hypoxic gas mixture (5% O2) was significantly (p less than 0.05) higher after 0.25 almitrine (12.0 +/- 0.8 torr) than before addition of the drug (5.43 +/- 1.8 torr). Responses to hypoxia were insignificant after higher doses (0.5 and 2.0 of almitrine. In the second series of experiments the responses to varying degrees of hypoxia were measured after administration of one dose of almitrine (0.25 Almitrine, compared to solvent alone, significantly altered the shape of the dose-response curve to hypoxia. Increases in perfusion pressure in response to moderate degrees of hypoxia were potentiated (10% O2: 8.7 +/- 1.8 torr after almitrine, 2.1 +/- 0.6 torr after solvent, p less than 0.05), whereas responses to severe hypoxia (3% O2) were not changed by almitrine. Reactivity to angiotensin II was decreased by 0.25 almitrine. We conclude that almitrine in low but not in high dose augments pulmonary vasoconstriction induced by mild degrees of hypoxia.[1]


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