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Chemical Compound Review

Epitrate     4-[(1R)-1-hydroxy-2- methylamino...

Synonyms: Epirenamine, D-Epifrin, CHEMBL42280, SureCN11647, AG-D-96609, ...
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Disease relevance of adrenaline


Psychiatry related information on adrenaline

  • Total cutaneous vasoconstrictor response score to topical beclometasone improved after smoking cessation with a mean (CI) difference of 3.56 (0.84, 6.28), p = 0.042, between quitters and smokers [6].
  • Using direct recording of single unit efferent sympathetic vasoconstrictor nerve activity by microneurography we examined sympathetic nervous function in patients with panic disorder more precisely than previously reported [7].
  • Quantitative sensory testing (pressure and thermal pain thresholds, the brachial plexus provocation test), the sympathetic vasoconstrictor reflex and psychological distress (GHQ-28) were prospectively measured in 76 whiplash subjects within 1 month of injury and then 2, 3 and 6 months post-injury [8].
  • 3. On some occasions, such as during exposure to a moderately warm environment or emotional stress, a temporal correlation was also observed between vasoconstrictor bursts recorded from the median and sudomotor bursts recorded simultaneously from the posterior cutaneous antebrachial nerve [9].
  • The latter group also showed a persistent elevation of diastolic blood pressure after task performance, suggesting a prolonged vasoconstrictor response [10].

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