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Observations on the postoperative tumor growth behavior of certain islet cell tumors.

Over a period of 21 years 39 patients with gastrinoma were surgically treated. Thirty-three patients had total gastrectomy with two postoperative deaths, and 6 patients had a lesser procedure. The postoperative fasting gastrin levels remained elevated and did not always indicate the extent of tumor involvement. Further mobilization of tumor gastrin by provocative infusion of calcium gluceptate, 15 mg/kg of body weight, should be carried out routinely. A hepatic angiogram should be considered when the gastrin levels exceed 1,000 picograms per ml. Chemotherapy consisting of Tubercidin, Streptozotocin and 5-Fluorouracil was given to 5 patients with extensive gastrinoma. All patients felt better and gained from three to 35 pounds in weight. Since 60% of the patients died or have definite evidence of tumor activity it is assumed that the tumor growth was not inhibited and that it is malignant. Approximately 40% of the patients seem to do well despite modest elevations in gastrin levels suggesting that the retained tumor could be considered benign.[1]


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