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Comparison of oxine and tropolone methods for labeling human platelets with indium-111.

The effect of the chelates oxine and tropolone, used to label platelets, on the kinetics of indium-111-(111In) labeled platelets was studied in twelve normal human subjects. Autologous platelets were labeled either in saline with 111In-oxine or in plasma with 111In-tropolone. Mean platelet lifespan was estimated by fitting the disappearance curve of platelets from the circulation to the multiple hit and other mathematical models. The in vivo distribution of platelets was quantitatively imaged with a scintillation camera. The in vivo recovery of 111In-oxine and 111In-tropolone did not differ, and the mean platelet lifespan was also similar (111In-oxine: 230 +/- 29 hr; 111In-tropolone: 226 +/- 13 hr). At equilibrium (90 min after reinjection of labeled platelets) and at the end of platelet lifespan, 111In-oxine and 111In-tropolone radioactivities in the spleen and liver were similar. These results demonstrate that the results of kinetics measured with 111In-oxine or 111In-tropolone do not differ significantly.[1]


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