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Eugenol causes oxidant-mediated edema in isolated perfused rabbit lungs.

Eugenol, an extract of cloves, has been associated with pulmonary edema when inhaled from commercially available clove cigarettes. We tested the hypothesis that eugenol directly causes lung edema through oxidant-mediated mechanisms by infusing eugenol (0.1 and 1.0 mM) into isolated rabbit lungs perfused with a cell-free albumin and physiologic salt solution. We observed lung edema (1.0 mM) as demonstrated by increased lung weight gain and wet-to-dry lung weight ratios without alterations in mean pulmonary artery pressure. The oxygen metabolite scavengers catalase (1,000 U/ml) and dimethylthiourea (30 mM) attenuated lung edema. Instillation of dimethylurea, superoxide dismutase, or heat-inactivated catalase did not prevent lung edema formation. We conclude that eugenol causes lung edema in isolated lungs through oxidant-mediated mechanisms in the absence of circulating formed blood elements. Eugenol may be a valuable compound in the laboratory investigation of edemogenic disorders.[1]


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