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Enzymes of glucose metabolism in palmar fascia and Dupuytren's contracture.

Several enzymes participating in glucose metabolism and some of the acid hydrolases were assayed in palmar fascia and Dupuytren's contracture with fluorometric microanalytical methods. The enzyme activities of glucose metabolism were lower in normal palmar fascia than in dermis. The fascia of Dupuytren's contracture exhibited a general increase in the enzyme activities of glucose catabolism. Little alteration was found in alanine aminotransferase and UDP-glucose dehydrogenase activity in the lesion. Lysosomal hydrolytic enzyme activities were increased five to ten times in Dupuytren's tissue. The dermis overlying Dupuytren's contracture exhibited an increase in the enzyme activities of glucose catabolism, but to a lesser degree than did the fascia of the lesion. The epidermis of involved palmar skin displayed normal enzyme activities.[1]


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