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Disease relevance of Fascia


Psychiatry related information on Fascia

  • Examination of 19 brains from patients with Alzheimer's disease showed approximately the same number of plaques in the stratum moleculare of the fascia dentata and in CA1 (Sommer's sector) of the hippocampus, even though the area of the latter is much greater [6].

High impact information on Fascia

  • However, at the fascia adherens junctional sites of cardiac muscle where vinculin is sharply confined, Sgp 130 was immunologically undetectable in both intact and EGTA-uncoupled tissue [7].
  • Near the intercalated disks, desmin labeling was intense within the interfibrillar spaces, but was completely segregated from the microfilament attachment sites (fascia adherens) where vinculin and alpha-actinin were localized [8].
  • Fixation and immunolabeling procedures were developed that permitted maximal retention of the two proteins at their natural sites as well as their adequate labeling. alpha-Actinin was found both on the Z-bands, as expected, and near the fascia adherens of the intercalated discs, whereas vinculin was confined to the latter sites [9].
  • Expression of the gap junction protein connexin43 (Cx43) and the fascia adherens junction protein N-cadherin was measured immunohistochemically in the same preparations [10].
  • At normal [K+], aspartate-like and glutamate-like immunoreactivities were colocalized in nerve terminals forming asymmetrical synapses on spines in stratum radiatum of CA1 and the inner molecular layer of fascia dentata (i.e., excitatory afferents from CA3 and hilus, respectively) [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Fascia


Biological context of Fascia

  • The extent of LTP "saturation" in fascia dentata produced by the standard chronic LTP stimulation protocol was assessed both electrophysiologically and through the use of an anatomical marker (activation of the immediate-early gene zif268) [17].
  • RESULTS: Compared with autopsy cases, hippocampi from children with frequent seizures showed (a) decreased fascia dentata granule cell densities; (b) decreased PSA NCAM IR cell densities in the stratum granulosum, infragranular, and hilar regions; (c) no positive TUNEL-stained cells; and (d) aberrant supragranular mossy fiber axon connections [18].
  • These results suggest that kindling epileptogenesis is accompanied by an increased number and enhanced sensitivity of the expressed AMPA type glutamate receptors in the fascia dentata, leading to an enhanced excitatory synaptic transmission which may contribute to the process of kindling epileptogenesis [19].
  • Post-translational modifications included a very elevated hydroxylysine content, an increase in the total number of reducible cross-links, and the appearance of hydroxylysinohydroxynorleucine (virtually absent from normal palmar fascia) as the major reducible cross-link [20].
  • We have analysed the ultrastructure of the fascia surrounding the hernial lesions, the proline and lysine hydroxylation in the tissue, the type I-type III collagen ratio and the presence of metalloproteinases [21].

Anatomical context of Fascia


Associations of Fascia with chemical compounds

  • Within fascia dentata, GABA receptor binding was increased to an equivalent extent in stratum granulosum and throughout stratum moleculare; no increase was found in dentate hilus or stratum lacunosummoleculare or stratum radiatum of CA1 [27].
  • Somatostatin/GABA-immunoreactive neurons were localized mainly in the stratum oriens and in the hilus of the fascia dentata [28].
  • Unexpectedly, GABA receptor-mediated enhancement of benzodiazepine receptor binding was slightly attenuated in fascia dentata of kindled compared to control rats [27].
  • Like in vivo, entorhinal fibers, labeled by anterograde tracing with biocytin, terminate in the outer molecular layer of the fascia dentata [29].
  • Two glycoproteins corresponding to minor polypeptides visualized by Coomassie Blue staining were present in the fascia adherentes fraction [30].

Gene context of Fascia


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fascia


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