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Clinical and hemodynamic aspects of low-flow infarcts.

We used single-photon emission computed tomography to measure cerebral blood flow, cerebral blood volume, and cerebral perfusion reserve and transcranial Doppler sonography with CO2 stimulation to assess hemispheric vasomotor reactivity in 37 patients and in normal controls. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging were performed to differentiate morphologically low-flow infarcts (n = 17) from territorial infarcts (n = 20). In patients with either type of infarct, blood flow was decreased and blood volume was increased in the infarcted areas compared with the same areas in the controls. Perfusion reserve and vasomotor reactivity were significantly reduced in patients with territorial infarcts and carotid artery occlusions (n = 12) and even more reduced in patients with low-flow infarcts (p less than 0.001). Both parameters were normal in patients with cardiac embolic territorial infarcts (n = 8). In patients with territorial infarcts, blood flow and perfusion reserve changes were restricted to the infarcted areas, whereas in patients with low-flow infarcts, regions of decreased perfusion reserve considerably exceeded the area of the infarct. Low-flow infarcts are related to the hemodynamic effects of severe extracranial carotid artery disease.[1]


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