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Ontogeny of MAP2 and GFAP antigens in primary cultures of embryonic chick brain. Effect of substratum, oxygen tension, serum and Ara-C.

Brain cells from embryonic chick (stage 28-29) were cultivated for 16 days under serum-free conditions. Nerve cells were found to mature during the first 7 days in culture, as indicated by the presence and developmental pattern of the relative amount of dendritic-specific microtubule-associated protein type 2 (MAP2). Maximal amounts of MAP2 antigen were found to be directly correlated with the number of cells plated out. Astroglia cell proliferation and differentiation, as measured by the amounts of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), were found to stabilize after a certain astrocyte cell density was reached. Variation in culture plate coating procedure, oxygen tension and addition of serum or of the cytostatic drug Ara-C were found to differently affect viability and maturation processes of astroglia and of nerve cells. Moreover, optimal culture conditions for long-term brain cell cultures are described.[1]


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