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Chemical Compound Review

Cytidine-2-14C     4-amino-1-[3,4-dihydroxy-5...

Synonyms: AGN-PC-006J9M, SureCN149563, SureCN6672256, MolMap_000003, ACMC-209nqw, ...
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  • Lower doses of cytarabine or hydroxyurea resulted in smaller waves of reticulocyte regeneration and lesser effects on F-reticulocyte production [20].
  • When such treatment with 1,25(OH)2D3 immediately followed a sublethal exposure to drugs that inhibit DNA synthesis, including the cancer chemotherapeutic agents cytarabine and hydroxyurea, the proportion of HL-60 cells lethally damaged was increased [21].
  • Spinal cord penetration of intrathecally administered cytarabine and methotrexate: a quantitative autoradiographic study [22].
  • Adults under the age of 55 were randomised for central nervous system (CNS) prophylaxis with intrathecal cytarabine and methotrexate [23].
  • Because the clinical effectiveness of cytarabine in the treatment of nonmalignant diseases has not been proved, its use in these disorders must be considered investigational and weighed against the serious bone-marrow suppression and potential long-term hazards of this drug [24].

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