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Characterization of the class I-restricted gp100 melanoma peptide-stimulated primary immune response in tumor-free vaccine-draining lymph nodes and peripheral blood.

PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to characterize the primary gp100(209-2M)-specific T-cell response in vaccine-draining, metastases-free lymph nodes and peripheral blood of peptide-vaccinated stage I to III melanoma patients. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: After two or three gp100(209-2M) vaccinations, sentinel lymph nodes that drained both the primary tumor and adjacent vaccine sites were excised concomitant with wide excision of the tumor. Comparative 7-color flow cytometry phenotype analysis was done on gp100 tetramer-positive CD8(+) T cells from sentinel lymph nodes, closely proximate time-related peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) collected 2 to 4 weeks after sentinel lymph node excision, and on PBMC collected 6 months later after 7 or 11 more immunizations. Lymph node and peripheral blood T cells were tested for proliferative response, functional avidity, and tumor cell-induced CD107 mobilization. RESULTS: The frequencies of gp100-specific CD8(+) T cells from time-related PBMC and sentinel lymph nodes were comparable and were similar to those reported for virus-specific memory T cells. Their respective in vitro proliferation responses were also equivalent but statistically higher than proliferation responses of peripheral blood T cells collected after completion of the entire vaccine regimen. By contrast, functional avidity and CD107 responses were significantly higher in circulating T cells. Sentinel lymph node-derived, gp100-specific CD8(+) T cells predominantly expressed central and effector memory phenotype signatures, whereas there were higher frequencies of effector T cells in the peripheral blood. CONCLUSION: Priming immunization with gp100(209-2M) without coadministration of CD4(+) helper T cell-restricted antigens induced the effective expansion of peptide-specific central and effector memory CD8(+) T cells with high proliferation potential in vaccine-draining lymph nodes of stage I to III melanoma patients. Lymph node memory T cells gave rise to circulating gp100-specific effector T cells exhibiting increased functional maturation.[1]


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