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Disease relevance of Immunization


High impact information on Immunization

  • Immunostimulation by siRNA was absent in TLR7-deficient mice [6].
  • With nearly two billion immunizations, BCG has a long record of safe use in man [7].
  • The minimal 136 amino acid, mycobacterial HSP70 peptide binding domain can generate CTL responses, and a single amino acid mutant HSP70 designed to prevent peptide binding but retain stimulatory capacity has allowed us to separate antigen delivery from DC immunostimulation [8].
  • In contrast, immunizations with nonreplicating antigens revealed an important role of B cell stimulation via CR2 in the switch to IgG [9].
  • Mice immunized at least three times with T15 in adjuvants had markedly suppressed responses to subsequent immunization with PC; similarly, mice preimmunized multiple times with PC had suppressed responses to immunizations with T15 [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Immunization


Biological context of Immunization

  • Immunizations of outbred rabbits with the monoepitope MAP that contains the pre-S(2) antigen resulted in high-titered antibody response to the middle protein, but the other monoepitope, containing only the a-determinant peptide antigen, resulted in poor immune responses to either the peptide antigens or to the S protein [16].
  • Antibodies generated in independent immunizations, either with Ag-positive tumor cells or with anti-idiotypic antibodies produced by immunization of goats with a GA733-specific antibody, all use members of the same gene families; remarkably, they also express identical amino acid sequences in their H chain CDR3 [17].
  • We conclude that immunologic sensitization can develop after occupational exposure to encapsulated BDE in the dry bleach industry [18].
  • Repeated immunizations with these cells protected 60% of mice against challenge with MethA sarcoma cells bearing point mutations in p53 gene [19].
  • However, both a yeast-derived Ty virus-like particle expressing the optimal nine-amino acid epitope SYIPSAEKI from the CS protein (CSP-VLP) and a lipid-tailed peptide of this same sequence induced high levels of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I-restricted CTL with one and three subcutaneous immunizations, respectively [20].

Anatomical context of Immunization


Associations of Immunization with chemical compounds


Gene context of Immunization


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Immunization


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