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Morphological features of spermatozoa of Paragonimus ohirai (Trematoda: Platyhelminthes) examined by a silver nitrate staining technique.

The mature thread-like spermatozoon of Paragonimus ohirai was shown to be composed of 7 distinct segments which have morphologically different characteristics, following staining with silver nitrate. The first segment (1S) is a needle-shaped structure with a perforatorium. The 2S is composed of two filaments loosely paired; 3S consists of a somewhat coarse thread (vestige of the cytoplasmic projection); 4S is composed of two flagella tightly paired; in 5S, two silver-positive filaments are independently seen as in 2S; 6S has a 'spiral' structure composed of two flagella; in 7S, two filaments are seen dissociated from each other. The sperm nucleus exists within the 'spiral' structure of 6S and this structure may serve to hold and/or protect the nucleus. The technique presented here is useful for gross morphological observations of the long sperm of flatworms.[1]


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