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Pneumovesicoscopic treatment of congenital bladder diverticula in children: our experience.

AIM: In this article, we report our experience with diverticulectomies of symptomatic congenital bladder diverticula in children, which was performed by utilizing pneumovesicoscopy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Six boys, 4-8 years of age (mean, 5.6) underwent pneumovesicoscopic diverticulectomy at our institution from June 2007 to June 2008. There were 4 right-single diverticula and 2 double-left diverticula. Under cystoscopic control, after the cystopexy to the abdominal wall, a midline 5-mm trocar for a 0-degree telescope and two lateral 3-mm reusable trocars through the anterolateral wall of the bladder in the midclavicular line were introduced, insufflating the bladder with carbondioxide to 10-12 mm Hg pressure. The diverticulum/a were inverted into the bladder and the mucosa around the neck was circumcized by using scissors and a monopolar hook. The defect was sutured with interrupted sutures and the bladder was drained with a Foley catheter, which was introduced at the site of the 5-mm port, and a urethral catheter. RESULTS: Mean operative time was 110 minutes. No major peri- or postoperative complications were recorded, except that the displacement of one of the lateral trocars that resulted in gas leakage in 1 case. The trocar was replaced and the procedure was completed. An ultrasound and a voiding cystourethrogram, performed from 3 to 6 months after the operation, showed the disappearance of the diverticulum/a. CONCLUSIONS: In our experience, pneumovesicoscopic diverticulectomy is an easy, safe procedure and can be considered a valid alternative to the open or laparoscopic procedures. It also provides no postoperative discomfort and a good cosmetic result.[1]


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