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Contact lens-induced edema in vitro. Ion transport and metabolic considerations.

The relationship of contact lens-induced edema to epithelial and endothelial function was determined in isolated superfused rabbit corneas. Placement of a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) contact lens on the cornea caused swelling rates of 15-28 microns/hr compared to 0-6 microns/hr in paired control corneas. The edema increased with temperature (P less than 0.01). PMMA-induced swelling was significant in: 1) bicarbonate-free Ringer's solution; 2) chloride-free Ringer's; 3) 0.3 mM furosemide-treated corneas; and 4) deepithelialized corneas. The swelling did not occur in corneas with silicone oil replacing the endothelium to block fluid uptake. The effluent aqueous bathing fluid from edematous corneas did not induce edema in normoxic corneas. These studies demonstrate that contact lens-induced edema depends on metabolism, involves a significant stromal contribution, and requires fluid absorption across the endothelial layer, but is not a direct result of epithelial and endothelial ion transport inhibition.[1]


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